Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Start Here

The Animal Communication Practice group is a monthly web-based method for practicing animal communication skills that gives people who want to improve their skills in telepathic communication with animals a safe, controlled environment in which to practice, get confirmation and develop community. The communication takes place online through this website so participants have the added benefit of being able to see the impressions received from other communicators as well as receiving tips and advice for improvement from Danielle.

Added benefit! There is no official start time for the group! Although the documentation for the ACP says it begins at 12:00 – this is just a placeholder time. As a participant, you can do the communication ANY time (and from the comfort of your own home) during the second week of the month!

The program works like this:

  1. On the second Tuesday of the month, Danielle sends you the password for the month’s animal. You’ll then come to this site ( to plug in the password and get started!
  2. You will have one week to connect with the practice animal. Once you have connected, you’ll need to record your impressions here, in the website. Don’t worry though-the impressions from the other communicators aren’t visible until the end (so you can’t cheat!).
  3. Once all of the impressions are in, Danielle takes the next week to review them and provides additional information, clarification, tips and hints for improvement. Often, Danielle is able to have the animal’s human comment on the impressions too. When everything is ready, you’ll receive an email from Danielle announcing the completion of the practice session. And now comes the really fun part! You get to log in and see what everyone else received from the animal!

To sign up for this group practice, please visit the link to the right.

Cost: $25 drop-in/$20 monthly subscription.

Prerequisites: No formal animal communication class is required to participate however, for those who think an Animal Communication class would be beneficial, please consider Danielle’s downloadable Animal Communication Class or visit Danielle’s calendar to find live class near you.