Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The May 2010 Impressions are Posted!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for playing and connecting with our five month old hamster, Jim. He had a GREAT time communicating with you all! (Yes, he told me himself – as he energetically sits on my shoulder right now while I write.)

Please take a look through the comments and impressions. Jim’s human, Jude, spent quite a bit of time replying to your comments and I’ve gone through providing tips and tricks to help you improve your skills even more!

Feel free to continue to comment and to ask questions of the other communicators!

And if you haven’t gotten your Gravatar yet (the little pic that comes up by your name on the site) please do. It makes this whole experience even more personal.



PS From now on, I am going to have to limit the number of participants in the ACP to 20 to ensure that I can give each of you the appropriate attention. If you’re already signed up for the subscription, have no worries – you’re all set.

Go to the Meet Our Animal and the questions…

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The responses from the other communicators will only be visible once they are published (one week after the due date). To make things more fun – be sure to make a gravatar for yourself (available once you fill in your email address)!

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One Response to “The May 2010 Impressions are Posted!”
  1. Ana says:

    Just moved into town (Farmington) a few weeks ago, and saw you guys today in Fairport. WOW! I had a blast. You guys were great; Crisp, clean, great sound, great vocals, and ftaiasntc guitar. I’m a fan. Thanks for puting on such a great show for such a noble cause! Good Luck, and I hope to see you guys perform again real soon. Fan-f^#*&#g-tastic!!