Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Meet our May ’09 Bonus Animal!



Meet Jackson. He is a young puppy (around 5-6 months old). Because Jackson is a puppy, there are only 5 questions to this OACP, however if you receive more information, please feel free to share it!

I have brought Jackson into the OACP to allow people to test their skills. For those of you who have been working with me for some time, I ask that you push yourself to communicate in a new way. If you always see pictures, instead check for any feelings you are getting — or if you always hear words from the animals–look for some images!

For those of you who are just trying this out for the first time, have a great time! Jackson is young and ready to communicate. And just give it a try–if you get stuck, relax and try again. Jackson is willing to work with all of you!

(and if you get really stuck, you can always take my downloadable animal communication class to boost your skills!)

Impressions from the other communicators have been “hidden.” I will send out an email letting people know that the site has been updated in a few days. You’ll be able to read all of the impressions from the communicators, my tips and comments from Jackson’s human. Look for notification in a few days!

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