Tuesday, August 21, 2018

5. What kinds of things does he dislike?

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32 Responses to “5. What kinds of things does he dislike?”
  1. Amy says:

    being teased.

    • Mahmoud says:

      6 people hate anmails. (everyone come on and post on what your favorite animal is! if you don’t have one well than this video might not be for you.)mine’s the Red Fox. continue the chain!

  2. Alana says:

    Rain and loud noises.

    • Romel says:

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  3. Jen says:

    “Hmmm… being told no. I like to get my way.”

    I see Jackson at the door as someone leaves, “Being left alone inside.”

    I see rain, “I hate getting my paws wet. It can be so cold.” I see him lifting his paws up off the wet grass.

  4. Julie says:

    he doesn’t like being told ‘no’ and he doesn’t like water

    • Urmish says:

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  5. Belinda says:

    he doesn’t like time out, his feet messed with

  6. Marion says:

    Being locked up or retained in one area. Very sad and if he could shed tears, he would. He loves being with his human companions.

  7. brenda says:

    dislikes the waiting….and trying to look ‘cute’ so they’ll pay attention…..the knot is from the expectation and the waiting.

    • Junior says:

      its not always the size of the brain that martets.although you do have a good point considering the fact hat einstein and other genius’ had considerably larger brains than most humans.

      • Michele says:

        I believe with all my heart, that Ishca would be a woeunrfdl ambassador cat after her cubs are grown. If she is not going to continue in the breeding program for a while, Kevin should try to acclimatize her to meeting new people in limited numbers. She has such a soft’ disposition, it should not take her very long to adjust. Having her at his side while travelling would be a huge boost to the interest and funding of the project. True, the logistics of her upkeep on-the-road’ would be somewhat daunting, but I for one, would contribute a $1000 just to meet and touch her in person here in Canada )

  8. brenda says:

    doesn’t like his belly rubbed.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    he does not like getting wet at all, does not like baths.

  10. Deb says:

    Baths, having his ears looked into by a vet; loud noises when he is resting/sleeping. Shots.

    • Saiful says:

      “This seems like a really bad idea.”"I’m not lnnetiisg. Look at my face. This is my I’m not lnnetiisg’ face.”"I’m serious, Steve. I have a really bad feeling about this.”"You’d rather be sitting in the snow? I swear, all you do is complain and “”But Steve, I just mean “”‘Boohoo, my paws are frozen! I can’t feel my toes! Steve, help me I’m so cold!’ Your exact words just 10 freaking minutes ago, Ralph. Am I right?”"I know, but “”And I dealt with the situation, didn’t I? I found a solution, right? I took action.”"I know you did, Steve. It’s just “”I am a cat of action. What have you done today besides complaining? Anything, Ralph?”"OK. It’s just, well You realize we’re sitting on a dog, right?”"It’s called a calculated risk.’ Look it up.”"Like that time you decided we should try sitting on the sleeping wolverine last winter? Was that a calculated risk?’ Because I still have calculated bite marks on my you-know-where from that swell idea.”"If you don’t shut up, I’m going to give you a calculated slap in the face.”"Fine.”

    • Luisclovis says:

      Brain mass is not a true indicator of ilecnligtnee. Furthermore, how do we honestly know that Humans are more intelligent than elephants, dolphins, or other animals. All we do know is that our bodies give us an ability to manipulate our environment that other animals don’t have. While it could be argues that many of the variety of apes are as well equipped if not better, I think science generally sees humans as being an evolutionary step above chimps and other apes. But what might a dolphin accomplish if they had hands and opposable thumbs.Other animals display reason, logic, compassion, and other human traits; and they even seem to be able to pass on their knowledge to their offspring. However, I don’t think science has come up with a reason as to why humans have become the dominant species over any other.

  11. Cole says:

    He dislikes having to be around a lot of other animals. If a phone rings, he doesn’t like that at all.
    He doesn’t like the parrot–the sounds it makes.

  12. Cole says:

    He doesn’t like phone rings. He doesn’t like typing sounds at the computer.

  13. Kari says:

    Really loud noises, load music, baby cries, being ignored!

  14. Barbara says:

    –nail clipping
    – toast? (I know, but it just popped into my head)
    –horses? (my own dog is next to me right now – wonder if I’m picking up my own dog?)

  15. Sandy says:

    he’s not sure about the cat, sometimes he’s wary of her
    misses his human when she is not home, Buster helps him not to worry

    P.S. He really likes his name

    • Selin says:

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  16. Julie Cefalo says:

    Issue with food? Trouble with the potty training, doesn’t like to part with toys once he has them

  17. Joe Polivick says:

    I get a feeling that he doesn’t like the TV too loud; his ears are very sensitive.

    Next, I get a feeling that he doesn’t like the end of playtime, when he has to settle down and go to bed. I see an image: Jackson sighing on the floor next to the bed.

    Through an inner knowing, I understand that he does not like loud, startling noises.

    Then I hear the words: “Not enough playtime.”

    That’s it: he wants to talk now about what he likes.

  18. Joe Polivick says:

    I asked Jackson about food. I saw an image of brown gray, and another of a caramel apple.

  19. Sal Birch says:

    Okay, call me crazy…..but as soon as I asked that question to myself…..the word ‘toilets’ came to mind.
    Not sure if he’s exactly wild about the sound of a kitchen blender (appliance) either.
    Either the pitch of the motor or the pitch of the sound and the volume he hears it at…..

  20. daniellemackinnon says:

    Great job everyone!
    I am not going to talk about the different things that everyone got, because those were great! What I am going to mention here is that this can be a difficult question to ask. People who love animals often find that they have their heart strings tugged by animals very easily. When asking a question about something that an animal doesn’t like, it is possible (believe me I have done it!) to get caught up in the “story” of what the animal is telling you and to start feeling badly for the animal. When asking a “loaded” question such as this, if you find yourself worried or feeling badly for the animal, it is best to step back, calm yourself and then try again when you are feeling balanced and objective. That calm, clear feeling–that’s what you will receive the best info!

    So, I am so excited to see how you all did with this! And don’t worry–I promise that there isn’t one person who did this practice program who feels like they “got” every answer. It’s a learning process and it will continue to be for however long you invest time into it. I’ve been doing it for years and just a few days ago in a reading I learned something totally new. On June 9th, I’ll be holding another one of these practice programs–but more in depth (usually 10-12 questions and comments from me as well as the pet’s human). If you would like to try, click the link on the right called “Try the OACP”. I look forward to working with you all again!

  21. Sasa says:

    My Information About Lions.1.Lions are the second leragst cats after the tiger.2.The males have a thick mane around the head.3.Lions are the only cats with tufths at the end of their tails.(more hair)4.Some lions can sleep up to 20 hours a day.5.A lions roar can be heard over five miles away.6.Lions do not live in tropical forests, they like dry land.7.Lions live in groups called prides.8.Lions eat other animals, like buffalos and antelopes.9.Lions help to controll the population or other animals.

  22. Sarah says:

    Having to stop doing what I’m doing – especially chewing or bouncing on the big boys. I don’t like to be interrupted when I’m enjoying myself. I sometimes steal things but sometimes I’m caught and have to give them back. I don’t like to lose out.

  23. Sarah says:

    Meant to add: [I spoke to him as a puppy, as in the photo, but then asked how he is now, 4 years on] I’m still enjoying life, much the same, only now I’m one of the big boys. I still run and play but now I’m very fast and all my legs work. I’m still happy and I still love my people. Thank you for asking.

  24. Alexandra Hopkins says:

    I like most things especially new things. But I don’t like being left alone by my humans–I worry that no one will come for me. I’d like to be outside more. I look out the window at all the things moving around, like trees blowing in the wind and animals out there (birds and squirrels and bugs) and would like to be out there with them. I don’t have enough bones to chew and would like to be allowed to eat more table scraps–they are sooooo delicious and exciting! I don’t like house training. Sometimes, I goof up. I’m not very good at it. I don’t like being scolded at all!

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