Tuesday, August 21, 2018

September 2009 Impressions are Ready!

Welcome to the results for our September 2009 OACP!

This practice group was SO powerful that I feel strongly that it should be shared with all who want to read it. I will be removing the password from this month’s practice so that others can learn from the group’s impressions and experiences. I will be sharing the site on Twitter and Facebook and I encourage you to do the same.

Jewel is a wonderful elephant who was recently rescued (August 20th, 2009). She called out to me one day through Facebook asking to share her and her story with the OACP group. Below, I am including a link to a page that talks about Jewel’s life prior and leading up to her rescue. I feel it’s important for you all to have access to this information, but please read through the impressions from the other communicators BEFORE clicking on the link. That way, you’ll be able to read about her past without being as emotionally triggered by it because you’ll know how much better she is doing now.  www.helpelephants.com/tina_jewel_and_queenie_news02.html

Finally, when Jewel and Tina were rescued, their friend Queenie was not. I am attaching a link to the petition for rescuing Queenie as well. She is still in an abusive situation and is not healthy physically or emotionally. She will benefit from the help that you can give her-whether it’s through a phone call, energy or a conversation with her. There are several good organizations waiting to house her and take care of her-she just needs to be released to them. Please help Queenie too!

*Please ensure you’re not emotionally upset when sending Queenie energy. She’s very fragile right now. We want to send only that which will be the most healing for her.


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