Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Meet our September 2009 Animal…

Jewel and Tina

Jewel and Tina

Introducting Jewel. She is a 42 year old elephant who currently alive. I know how you all feel about me giving too much information, so I will leave the description there.

One important note: the other elephant in this photo is Tina who is also in her forties in age. I could not get a photo of Jewel on her own, so it will be important that you address Jewel in each question. Otherwise, you can accidentally call on the energies of both animals-and that can get confusing! As long as you use Jewel’s name in each question, you will not get a cross-connection.

And if you do get a cross connection, just clarify it and write in that Tina had something to say as well!

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