Tuesday, August 21, 2018

1. What does she have to say about her body?

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8 Responses to “1. What does she have to say about her body?”
  1. Jen says:

    Tight, heavy, not as limber, slow moving.

    I felt a tightness spread from the back of my neck like a cat picking up a its kitten by the neck. Then it spread through my neck. Saw chains/ dog like collar around neck. Felt ache in belly- wondered if physical or emotional and asked Jewel. Her reply, “missing so many.” Then she said, “Like flicking my ears to show my beauty.” Saw her batting her long eyelashes

  2. Tory says:

    stomach fuller

  3. Karen says:

    I see something with the right side of Jewel’s chest area, color of red maybe indicating inflammation or irritation; area between her eyes I see big droplets of water (symbology I suppose) and left back leg looks like inside, like hard, sinewy muscle, perhaps very tight in that area. At the top of her head I see blue.
    Jewel is telling me it is her heart. I ask her if it requires much effort to walk, Yes, she replies. She says she has a good quality of life though. What is the nature of your illness? Congenital heart disease is what I heard. Jewel says she likes to sleep alot.

  4. Kerri says:

    Tired. A bit achy. A bit “heavy” (not literally! Well, of course literally, too!)

  5. Nikki says:

    Her ears are bothering her.

  6. Sue Tanida says:

    Jewel says she is feeling quite good in her body, if you compare “now to now”–she understands that comparing her present condition to, say, being 15, is not a good thing to contemplate. She is more solid feeling now, but more like a tree and less romping than in her youth. She feels a bit stiff, particularly in the mornings, but feels good overall. The stiffness is mainly in the rear limbs. Sun feels good to her.

  7. Debbie Calderon says:

    Jewel feels like she has heavy energy. The first thing I notice is she feels really slumped over, like when you she someone depressed or tired & their shoulders & back are all hunched over. It feels like that to me. She feels especially “heavy” in the shoulders area of her body. I also got a quick, subtle headache on the right side of the head that went away quicky. I asked if she wanted some healing energy sent to her & I saw her lift her head & throw her trunk up & make a noise. I am now also getting stiffnes in her back neck as well. Ok, during that I saw me put my hands over her heart area, around her next & face & Saw a viual of me laying on her upper back with my arms around her next area & talking with her about how not all people are like the ones she has met in the past. Some are very nice.

  8. daniellemackinnon says:

    Ok guys, so as I said above, Jewel was recently rescued from a difficult life that included abuse. She has been getting more and more healthy and over the past few weeks since her rescue has gained more than 300 pounds, which is a good thing. Notice that, although many of you picked up on where she doesn’t feel great-she had a sense of “but it’s still good now” – as in referring to her past it was worse. I also receive a great sense of gratitude from her-so overwhelming I want to cry. Just noticing how much better her body feels now wells up this great sense of thankfulness in her. Good job everyone!