Tuesday, August 21, 2018

11. Does she have a message for any of her humans (past or present)?

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13 Responses to “11. Does she have a message for any of her humans (past or present)?”
  1. Jen says:

    “Be kind to Mother Earth. It has been put in your hands for safe keeping. Look around you and read what you see in the trees, and sky, and animals. Do not be afraid.”

  2. Tory says:

    Why do you hurt me, I try to do what you want me to do? Please don’t make me stay in the hot boxes (vans used for the circus). Don’t seperate me from Tina.

  3. Karen says:

    There were a couple that I wasn’t fond of, but I like the ones I have now. I hear, “love ‘em.” “Take care of yourself.” “Love themselves.” “It is your choice.”

  4. Kerri says:

    Present humans – THANK YOU (very enthusiastic)

    Past humans – confused. Wonders why they treated her the way they did knowing what she knows now. She’s baffled that they weren’t as kind now that she understands the capacity humans have to care and love.

  5. Sue Tanida says:

    Jewel is happy with her present humans and wants to convey gratitude that they are respectful and loving, and are concerned about all of her aspects.

    She wants to emphasize that elephants are ancient, mystical and wise. She wants her humans to stretch their spiritual selves and commune with her soul and the collective tribe of elephant. She wants them to connect with elephant and the earth and be more grounded, less full of thinking and spiky energy.

    But she feels the love and thanks them.

  6. Debbie Calderon says:

    To the rescuers who helped save her from danger… thank you, gratefulness, forgiveness for what was lost, left behind.

  7. daniellemackinnon says:

    For those of you to whom she expressed some type of confusion about her past humans-she would do well to hear words of encouragement from you. Explain to her that there are many humans working to ensure that no animal has to go through that type of treatment and that her working with us here helps further that.
    She is overflowing with gratitude. It will be interesting to connect with her in a few months. I expect to see some changes in her as well-and I would love to go back and have you all communicate with her again around the holidays. Are you up for it?

    • Kerri says:

      I’d love to talk with her again (and am continuing to do so)

    • Sue Tanida says:

      I would love to formally talk to her again as a group–of course I’m still interacting now…

    • Karen says:

      Sure, I’d love to have a chance to connect with her again.

  8. Debbie C says:


  9. Debbie C says:


  10. Sal Birch says:

    Hi Danielle.
    Still searching for work since I got laid off….but if I can swing it around the upcoming holidays, I’d love to connect with Jewel and Tina when you decide to revisit them.
    Elephants are so noble and intelligent….and well…words just escape me at the moment.
    It was such a gift to read all of the postings.
    Thank you SO much, for providing a way for me to view everyone’s comments.
    I’ve sent Queenie some healing energy.
    Have no idea its meaning, but saw her surrounded in a pink cloud when I tried connecting with her.
    Will continue to think of these wonderful ‘girls’….and the gifts they bring to us.
    I’m just amazed at both Jewel and Tina for opening their hearts up to the capacity that humans have for kindness and love….after being so abused and mistreated.
    Thank you for making my day!