Tuesday, August 21, 2018

5. What does she think of humans?

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7 Responses to “5. What does she think of humans?”
  1. Jen says:

    “They do what they want with no consideration for the world around them. Though some are good, the species as a whole is self-centered and will bring the planet to ruins.”

  2. Tory says:

    hurtful. feed me. very noisy kids. awful music. mean voices.

  3. Karen says:

    Jewel shows me her wrapping her trunk around one of her keepers, she says they are soft. She says they are a necessary part of my life. If it wasn’t for humans, I would not be here, they saved my life. I decided to ask her to show me how she views humans energetically…..and I saw an illuminated, multi-colored aura around them.

  4. Kerri says:

    Distrusting in the past. Much better now. Still learning, though.

  5. Nikki says:

    She likes people very much, but she can take a while to get to know them

  6. Sue Tanida says:

    She thinks a lot about humans, and very little of them. It depends on the human. She won’t demonize them all, but says there are a lot less enlightened ones than ones that are repugnant. She just knows when she meets them if they think of her as a “thing” or a being with consciousness. She just can’t stand the close minded ones, but she loves the spiritual ones she meets. Sometimes she feels energy being sent to her, like reiki or healing energy. Sometimes she feels people send her thoughts like now. She appreciates being asked how she feels. She appreciates feeling she counts.

    Because of how humans can be, she is cautious. She has a few humans who she trusts. It takes a while to learn to trust.

  7. daniellemackinnon says:

    Great job guys! How wonderful is it that Jewel is able to differentiate between those icky humans she has dealt with and those new wonderful ones who have come into her life? This is something important to know-especially when dealing with animals who have been abused that they can live in the present moment, when we allow them too.

    It is a very difficult thing not to connect with her past abuse, but pay attention: she is living in the present moment. She’s learned a lot from her past, but she is not “there” anymore either physically, emotionally or spiritually.