Tuesday, August 21, 2018

May 19: Animal Psychometry-Learn About Pets Through Their Toys

May 19th, 7-9pm EST
Circles of Wisdom  Andover, MA

Psychometry is the reading of the energy of an item in order to sense its the past and present. In this fun psychometric class Danielle will first teach people how to activate their senses for psychometry. After learning “how” to connect with an animal through their belongings, we will spend the second half of the class playing and practicing with each other. Through this method, surprising things can be learned about our beloved pets. Each participant will have a chance to “read” at least two items. This is a class that not only helps open the psychic senses, but it can also be healing to reconnect with the energy of a beloved pet on the other side.

Please bring items belonging to your past and present pets-but please keep your items hidden! We don’t want to give anything away! Buy tickets here.

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