Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Hello and Welcome to the Online Animal Communication Practice Group! While at first it may seem a little confusing as to how to get started-once you get the hang of it, you’ll LOVE practicing in this way.

First, you’ll need the password you received for this month’s practice  (remember the password does change every month with each new practice animal). Go to the “Current Practice Animal” page where you’ll be asked for this password. Once you have plugged it in, you’ll see the list of questions. Just start at “Meet this month’s practice animal” and keep going!

For the month of April 2010, this practice group is FREE!  To sign up, just email Danielle’s assistant, Julie prior to the start date of April 13th, 2010. You’ll receive a welcome email once you have signed up to confirm you’re in!

Enter your response to the question in the form below. When you are finished, click Submit Response.

The responses from the other communicators will only be visible once they are published (one week after the due date). To make things more fun – be sure to make a gravatar for yourself (available once you fill in your email address)!