Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Using the site
First, in order to access “33 ACP’s Archived Animals” you must have purchased 33 ACP’s – Online Animal Communication Practices. After your purchase, you will have received an email with the instructions for accessing the practice animals.



After you have chosen a practice animal, you’ll be led to Question 1. Please connect with the animal (in the way you feel is appropriate) and then input the information you receive in the “comment” box below the question.

It’s always fun and helpful to pick a Gravatar as well (this is a little photo of you that will show up whenever you make a comment on the site-consider doing this too!).

Feeling blocked in your communication?
Don’t worry everyone feels that way at one time or another – even me and I have been doing this for years and years! If you feel like you aren’t connected, take a moment to clear and ground yourself and then go back and reconnect with the animal. Animals consider a connection a success if it is clear and calm – so in order to have that success, you have to be clear and calm throughout.  If you are unsure how to clear and ground yourself, consider meditation, exercise – or
visit my Free Classes page or my Store to learn more about how to do this. Remember: you’re not going to get wonderful information if you are all agitated, upset or worried!

Next, write down EVERYTHING you get and try not to translate it. We want the RAW DATA not what you think the raw data means. Just write down exactly what you see, hear, feel, sense, or notice… if you can refrain from translating it or worrying about what it means, in the end it will be more accurate. If you see red blob, write “I saw a red blob.”  Who cares what it means right now! Maybe you’ll find out later- maybe not. That’s the thing about animal communication, sometimes you don’t know what you are receiving means – and sometimes you will never know. You have to be ok with that.

If you are really, really stuck. Say thank you to the animal, disconnect and go take a shower. 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 sea salt. This clearing, grounding shower will help you feel ready to re-connect.

And last, remember: these animals WANT to help you learn to do this–we’re all working together on the same side! This is a FUN thing to do – even if all you want to do is to help animals, you can’t do it if you’re all serious and inflexible. Smile, enjoy yourself and take lots of breaks to be sure you can keep up your full, fun connection!